Australia has done a great job of navigating the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and this means many businesses are able to reopen soon. But reopening requires preparation and potentially, print materials. Here are three tips to help you reopen your business safely, and some information on our print products that can help you keep health and safety in mind.

Tip 1: Carefully review health guidelines

The restrictions in each Australian state have been changing rapidly. Before thinking about reopening your business, make sure you’ve reviewed the guidelines in your state. It’s also possible to find out when the next set of restrictions will be lifted, for example in NSW further changes will occur on July 1. If you know the relevant restrictions early, you can plan ahead for upping your business capacity or informing your staff. Keep up with NSW guidelines here.

Tip 2: Prep your premises with signs & stickers

Many of us are excited to return to some form of normal living, but we have to remember this is the new normal. To stay safe, we all need to be reminded of crucial health advice each day. Floor stickers can help setup easy social distancing markers and informational posters can reminding customers to practice good hygiene. Not only will these items show your customers that you take their health and safety seriously, it also protects you and your staff. Check out our COVID-19 reopening pack or view examples of our health and safety printing in the gallery.

Tip 3: Put in post-COVID-19 policies

It’s all well and good to say you’re taking health and safety seriously, but how are you enforcing it? To ensure both your staff and customers are aware of their responsibilities, put in clear post-COVID-19 policies. For example, a sign asking customers not to enter the store if they’ve experienced any symptoms, a policy requiring staff to stay home if feeling unwell, and new guidelines on proper cleaning techniques. Having these policies in place before you open saves you time and your staff or customers from confusion.
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