Having a well-designed brochure is one of the best marketing tools in your arsenal. Not only do they showcase the products and services you sell, but they also make for handy advertising solutions that you can carry around to events, drop off in letterboxes or pop into your customers’ bags after you’ve made a sale.

Ready to make your next brochure stand out? Here are six tips to design it well.

1. It needs to suit your target market

The size and shape of the perfect brochure for your business will depend on a range of factors. Your budget, the number of products you want to advertise, the seasonality of sales – all these and more must be factored in during the design phase.

Also consider the type of brochure you want. Inexpensive flyers or leaflet-style brochures are easy to produce at scale and then share around, while more booklet-style brochures have a professional air and are more suitable for large partners and stakeholders. Also consider whether you want the brochure to be digital so people can access it online.

2. Nail the specifications

The brochure is a representation of your business and your professionalism, so it should be in the best shape possible. Consider all the elements like the size of the paper, folds and bleed. Also find out what your print partner’s capabilities are. Speaking to expert providers like Citywide Print can help give you clarity around how to design your brochure to the correct specifications.

3. Proof, proof, proof

Speaking of professionalism, there’s nothing worse than receiving your freshly printed brochures only to find a glaring typo. It’s far too expensive and time-consuming to print a brand-new run, so make sure you proof all the copy in your brochure several times beforehand. It can help to get an outside perspective too – get a friend or family member to give the brochure a ‘sense check’ while it’s still in design.

4. Choose a theme – and stick to it!

Browsing a brochure should be completely natural for your potential customers. They want to peruse your offering, look at the prices and then hopefully make a purchase. So choose a visual theme and ensure it flows page-to-page. Having a solid theme is also fantastic for your branding, as you can use your business colours, font and logo to stay front-of-mind with readers.

5. Don’t skimp on quality

Make sure all the products you’re advertising in your brochure are clearly represented. That means using high-quality imagery only – pixelated images and logos look unprofessional and can turn off potential buyers. Also make sure your print partner offers quality service – Citywide Print uses only the latest in printing technology to guarantee a quality print product every time.

6. Give them a call to action

The ‘call to action’ – or CTA – is arguably more important than how your brochure looks and feels. It’s what will drive the reader to taking an action, which in the case of a brochure is making a purchase. The whole point of printing up a beautifully designed brochure is to get people to buy from you, so don’t forget to tell your readers what you want them to do: purchase your products!

We know it can be tough creating a brochure from scratch, especially when you have to consider all the design features and print specifications. If you’re unsure where to begin or want support from an experienced print partner, contact Citywide Print today and request a quick quote for your next order of brochures.