Practicing sustainability is on everyone’s radar, with more and more individuals veering towards being mindful of their consumption. As businesses and offices can have a large carbon footprint, looking into sustainable practices can put your mind at ease when it comes to social responsibility.

But it’s not just a personal decision. Consumers, particularly millennials, are more and more inclined to choose businesses that care about their environmental impact, and sustainability is an increasingly popular marketing strategy. So how does paper and printing fit in with your business’s sustainable practices?

Paper & printing’s environmental impact

While paper and printing is usually associated with being a wasteful product, it doesn’t have anywhere near the same impact as other carbon contributors. Burning fossil fuels for transport, energy and agriculture are by far the leading contributors, and paper and print consumption is only around 1% of our human-induced carbon footprint.

If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, it’s not necessarily paper that’s going to impact your consumption. Choosing renewable energy resources, assessing energy usage and taking a look at your current waste (especially food waste) will impact your business’ carbon footprint far more than cutting out printing.   

How to watch your paper consumption

But we can still be mindful about our paper consumption. Being thoughtless with your paper can still have an impact, which is why it’s important to consider how you can reduce your impact. Print for your need rather than in excess to reduce waste, and ensure your employees understand where their paper goes after use. If there’s been effective communication within your business, then you can start looking into the types of products you’re using. 

Choosing FSC certification

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification means your paper is made with, or contains, wood from FSC certified forests or from post-consumer waste. When ordering paper and printing solutions, be mindful of whether this FSC certification is available and ensure you’re opting for these products. With this you know you aren’t purchasing from unregulated manufacturing and reducing your paper-based footprint.

Looking to take steps towards being a more eco-friendly business? You can start with us. We offer a variety of FSC certified papers and 100% recyclable options. Whether you need to print out annual reports, refresh on your business cards or look into your promotional products, we offer alternatives that’ll reduce your carbon footprint. Request a quote today or simply upload your file and order online.