The debate over marketing content has dramatically increased with the rise of new digital tools and commodities. Having the right marketing materials are valuable in helping you reach the right customers.

And while digital content is becoming more important, you shouldn’t channel all of your marketing efforts into a digital-only platform. There are still a number of print marketing materials that will help improve sales and increase brand awareness.

Plus, print has had its own transformation — better printing technology, better design templates and better materials for high-quality tangible goods.


Brochures are useful as they have a sticking power: they are compact, easy to carry around and have all key information. According to research done by Bentley University, 83% of people intend to visit a business/company after viewing the brochure, 78% of people tend to change their travel plans after picking up a brochure and 70% of tourists pick up a brochure in-market.

These statistics show that brochures have a key role to play in helping customers through the buyer’s journey. And if your business doesn’t have these materials you could be missing out on a large demographic of customers who wouldn’t be aware of your business otherwise.


Catalogues of the past can be bulky, heavy and printed on low quality paper with limited graphic design. Now, catalogues are more lightweight and your options for designs are endless. Creating an aesthetically pleasing catalogue that showcases your best products is a great way to get customers to engage with your business.

Sometimes customers prefer to browse through a catalogue before heading online to actually make a purchase. For example, Bonobo Menswear conducted a catalogue mailing campaign and found 20% of first-time buyers placed their order after receiving a catalogue. These buyers even spent 1.5 times more than first-time buyers who didn’t received a catalogue.

Flags, Signs & Banners

A crucial element of any brick and mortar store is the signage decorating it. The aesthetic and presentability of your store counts for a large part in regards to your company’s brand awareness.

Highlight your company colours, brand values or your point of difference; printed signage is great for visibility. And when it’s done well can attract customers who are walking by into your store.

If you’re looking to diversify your marketing channels and want to invest in high quality printed materials: get in touch with the experts at Citywide Print. From banners and signage to brochures and stickers, we can help your business with aesthetically pleasing and eye catching printed materials to help you connect with the right customers.