Making a statement with your shopfront is one of the best ways to attract window shoppers and new customers. That goes double for businesses dealing with the ever-changing restrictions around the pandemic. To help get your message out while also highlighting what makes your business special, it’s worth exploring the value of stickers and decals.

Staying COVID-safe

The vast majority of businesses in Australia – particularly those that have been affected by lengthy lockdowns like Sydney and Melbourne – will already be aware of the changes needed to run a COVID-safe store. From hand-sanitising stations to QR check-in codes, the way Australians shop has changed significantly since the pandemic began.

Stickers can also add real value to the customer experience while helping to improve safety and comfort in your store. Floor stickers, for example, can help indicate where customers should stand when lining up at the checkout, which is essential at a time when social distancing requirements are so widespread. You can even use stickers at your entryway to display how many customers are allowed inside the shop at any one time.

Setting your shopfront apart

But stickers, decals and posters can do a lot more for your shopfront than just direct customers to where they need to be. They are the perfect way to communicate with customers and passers-by while adding a touch of your own style to the design.

Maybe your clothing store has a new line in-store that will attract a specific demographic. Or perhaps you want to streamline purchases at your café by having the most popular menu items and prices visible on your glass frontage. Custom stickers and decals can add a touch of class while telling your customers exactly what you want to say.

Making fast changes

As every business owner already knows, rules and restrictions around lockdowns can happen at a moment’s notice. One day you could be servicing hundreds of happy customers and then next your doors are locked and you aren’t sure when you’ll be able to reopen to the public.

In difficult times like these, you might be looking for any way to keep your business afloat. Maybe that means offering takeaway orders, providing kerbside click-and-collect, or directly people to buy your products from your online store. A custom sticker or poster on your shopfront can inform your customers about the latest changes and how they can still support your business.

Citywide Print has a variety of products that can be turned around quickly to ensure your business gets the right messages out to your customers.

Are you looking for a way to update your customers about changes to your store, or simply want to give your shopfront a touch of class with custom imagery? Citywide Print has a wide range of stickers, decals and poster styles to choose from, and we can turn around your order efficiently so you can get back to business. Request a quick quote today.