The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way most of us live and work. Whether it’s empty office towers while employees work from home or more online shopping during enforced lockdowns, business owners are having to adapt to a ‘new normal’ – and this will continue even after the coronavirus is gone.

To help keep your business open – and safe for customers – there are a few things you’ll need to change about your store. Let’s start with social distancing stickers.

What are social distancing stickers?

If you’ve walked into a store this year, you’ve probably seen large circular stickers on the floor that tell shoppers where to stand. These are designed to make social distancing easier and keep business owners compliant with the latest COVID-safe regulations.

Social distancing stickers, while not essential in every store, can put your shoppers at ease that you are taking their safety concerns seriously. They are also extremely easy to install, relocate and remove, and they generally don’t require a hefty outlay to get them designed and printed. In fact, once you have a press-ready design file, you can collect your floor stickers within three working days.

Why do I need them in my store?

There most obvious reason is that you need to abide by the latest rules and regulations about in-store safety. SafeWork NSW has a comprehensive guide to the relevant COVID-19 requirements in New South Wales, and each state will have its own version of this information. They also make your customers feel more comfortable that they are following the COVID-safe rules and know exactly where to stand, for example when they are lining up at the counter to pay.

But the benefits go beyond just safety. During the height of the pandemic, many small businesses struggled because they were unable to get foot traffic into their stores. While online shopping was helpful to keep many stores afloat, now is the time to encourage shoppers back into your physical store.

Showing that you are following COVID-safe protocols can be a big boost to business, as shoppers will feel more relaxed being in a place that has social distancing floor stickers, hand sanitising stations, QR code check-ins and helpful signage. A small investment into these printed products can very quickly pay for itself in terms of higher revenue.

Where can I get stickers for social distancing?

Citywide Print offers a wide variety of printing options to meet your growing business needs. We also understand that the pandemic has meant business owners are dealing with tighter margins, tougher competition and the need to make their stores COVID-safe.

Our floor stickers are bold, easy to install and give your customers the information they need to stay safe – and socially distanced – while shopping. They come in a range of sizes, from a 250mm diameter right up to a large 450mm x 300mm sticker, plus you can buy them in small bundles or bulk print runs of up to 100 stickers at a time. That means cost savings for you and a fast turnaround to make your physical store a social-distanced environment.

Need help designing floor stickers for your shop, or do you have other printing needs taken care of? Citywide Print are experts for everything from signage and banners, to booklets and magazines, packages, business cards and much more. Request a quick quote today.