Australian businesses have been doing it tough for more than 18 months, with many dealing with sudden lockdowns, reduced cash flow and enforced redundancies. When margins are so tight, any edge you can get over the competition could be the difference between staying afloat and closing your doors permanently.

That’s why it’s so critical that you get your branding and packaging on point. Here’s what to consider.

The stats don’t lie

You might think that having the best-quality product on the market will see you triumph over your competitors. But did you know that nearly three in four consumers say a product’s packaging design influences whether or not they will ultimately make a purchase? That means even if you really do have the leading product on the market, if it’s not packaged well then people simply won’t buy it.

Packaging extends beyond the box the product comes in. In the age of COVID-19 where more and more Australians are turning to online orders over in-store purchases, you need to get your designs, your branding and your delivery packaging in shape.

It’s about more than just your logo

Depending on the type of product you’re selling, there will be various factors you will need to consider about the packaging’s aesthetic. In many cases, doing something more than simply stamping your logo onto the box will create a sense of joy when your customers’ order arrives. Use branding to build anticipation and excitement that will translate into repeat purchases.

In addition to your logo, also think about leveraging your brand’s colours (e.g. send orders in a custom-coloured delivery box rather than standard brown cardboard container), the shape of the packaging, and whether using a sustainable packaging solution could draw in a new eco-conscious audience. Even something a simple as a branded sticker on your packaging can leave a mark.

Making your products memorable

Yes, the product itself needs to be high quality in order to draw in customers. However, just because someone is satisfied with a product doesn’t necessarily mean they will always come back to you. In a competitive market, there’s more to getting ahead than just providing the best product or service. That’s why packaging should be prioritised.

You need the ‘wow factor’ in order to get repeat customers. Especially for businesses that are locked down, the packaging is the first ‘branding’ people will see when they order something online – so ensure it makes a firm impression.

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