With Christmas just around the corner, savvy business owners are already preparing how they will take advantage of the holiday season to increase foot traffic and improve their bottom line. Here are some easy ways to use printed products and other branding solutions to drive profits over the holiday season.

Why you should always send out corporate Christmas cards

Not just reserved for friends and family, sending out the annual bag of Christmas cards is a tradition on many corporate calendars. Even when it’s coming from a business or directed to a client, Christmas cards remain a personal way of saying ‘thank you’ to your customers and suppliers for all their hard work and support throughout the past year.

More than anything else, these cards are a powerful marketing tool that can generate new and repeat business over the coming 12 months. You also don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive ‘traditional’ Christmas cards. Why not print a branded postcard and add a handwritten message for an inexpensive yet personal slice of holiday goodwill?

Stay top of mind with business-themed Christmas gifts

If you want to take your holiday marketing to the next level, why not invest in branded gifts that will ensure you stay top-of-mind throughout 2023? Create a list of your most valuable existing clients, and even consider adding prospective clients to your Christmas goodies list, and then invest in some useful knick-knacks that are printed with your business logo on them. Here are some quick and cheap ideas for corporate Christmas gifts:

  • Traditional wall calendars
  • Fridge magnets
  • Coffee mugs
  • Daily desk calendars
  • Caps
  • Stubby coolers
  • Wine boxes

If you send them out early enough, they can even act as a tool to draw in more business in the lead-up to Christmas. This can be particularly valuable if you are in an industry that experiences seasonality issues during the Christmas and end-of-year period.

Bring the festive cheer into your workplace

Whether you welcome clients into your office space or have a shopfront where customers can come and go as they please, putting a holiday spin on your workplace can get everyone into the spirit of things and even drive more sales.

For retail businesses, consider swapping out your wall or floor stickers with seasonal alternatives. Or invest in Christmas-themed cards to hand out to customers offering a 10% discount for returning customers, or a special gift when they refer a new customer (e.g. a branded tote bag). Posters advertising seasonal discounts and any upcoming specials for the end of year – including Boxing Day and New Year’s Day specials, in addition to Christmas deals – will also drive more foot traffic into your business.

Now is the time to start preparing for the holiday season, so make sure you take advantage of this terrific marketing opportunity. At Citywide Print, we can service all your corporate Christmas printing needs – request a quick quote today and get your printed collateral into the hands of your clients as soon as possible.