When your business reaches a plateau in growth, it is time to consider strategies to help you grow your business. One such strategy is to exhibit your business in a trade show near you, be it Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. While you may be hesitant due to possible budget concerns, consider it an investment as there are many advantages of exhibiting at trade shows.

  1. Create connection

Meeting your customers face-to-face is a great way to engage and build a relationship with them. Despite the recent technological advances in marketing solutions and strategies, nothing can replace the warm personal touch of greeting customers in the flesh and connecting directly with them. If you have existing customers attending the same trade show, this is the best time to strengthen their brand loyalty to your company.

  1. Lead generation

At a trade show, every single attendee is a potential customer. They are actively looking for a solution and will potentially give their business to one of the exhibitors. Setting up a booth at a trade show means you can showcase your products and service to lucrative business leads, building up a database of quality leads. If you can send some of your sales team onsite, it could even lead to direct sales opportunities.

  1. Cost-effective marketing

Another reason to exhibit your business at a trade show is to raise awareness for your brand and product offerings. Attendees of the trade show include industry professionals and people looking for a solution, both of whom are key target audiences you want to focus on in your marketing strategy. You will not only be able to boost brand visibility to thousands of attendees at the trade show, but you can also influence the key decision makers who visit your booth.

Dress your trade show booth

Branding should not be neglected as it is an important aspect of your business. Visuals are vital when dressing up your trade show booth as they should attract attendees towards your booth. Citywide Print offers large print solutions to dress your trade show booth professionally while also strengthening your brand.


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