It can be tricky for companies to set aside extra resources for designing any material that has to be printed. A professional designer may be deemed unnecessary, especially if the project needs to be completely quickly. While not always obvious, well-designed print materials can help improve your overall business through branding and is worth considering as part of your business strategy.

Differentiation from competitors

Aesthetically pleasing materials are more likely to stand out from the crowd and create a positive first impression than one that has been haphazardly put together. Especially for industries with low barriers of entry, there are numerous companies who offer similar products or services at the same price points. An effective way to reach a potential customer is with good design. Not only does it give the perception of quality, it also helps create a connection with your customers, even before they approach you.

Brand building

A visually impactful design can enhance your brand identity. A well-designed collateral will reflect your brand’s values and tone, and will contain elements that are consistent throughout all collateral. Consistency in design promotes brand recognition, especially at different points of contact with potential customers. A set of well-designed marketing is often more memorable and helps improve brand recall in potential customers looking for similar products and services. In the long run, introduction of future new products or services to the market will also be easier with an established brand in place through the use of thoughtful design.

Advantage on social platforms

Sharing of content is not new, but in the age of social media it is more important than ever. Since most social platforms these days use images as part of, or even their main source of content, well-designed graphics will help your company’s content stand out from the noise. Whether it be a photograph, an infographic, or a funny meme, capitalising on well-designed content that aligns with your company values and aesthetics will encourage people to share it with their own network. This boosts trustworthiness and brand affinity of your business, both of which can positively impact organic sales growth in the future.

Unfortunately, small and even medium-sized businesses may not have available resources to invest despite recognising the intrinsic value of good design. While freelance designers are aplenty, you can also get your local printer to help you with your graphics. At Citywide Print, our in-house designers will ensure that your designs will comply with standard printing specifications to produce high quality print solutions for you.

Good design is not merely a finishing touch that impacts aesthetics, email or contact us to engage our graphic designers to enhance your print project today!