2021 has flown by and we’re already preparing for the holiday season. So are you prepared for what’s to come? Whether you’re attending an industry event, setting up an office Christmas party or creating holiday-themed products for your eCommerce store, you need to get in early to make sure your printed materials arrive in time. Here are four products to order today.

The biggest holiday event season since the pandemic

While the 2020 holiday season was something of a fizzer for most businesses – especially with state-specific shutdowns and most Australians still working from home – 2021 is shaping up to be very different.

Now that restrictions have lifted and borders are reopening, we’re returning to some semblance of normality. And with the Christmas period approaching that can only mean one thing: lots and lots of events.

To help you get organised for all the events in the lead-up to the Christmas break, here are four print products you may need.

1. Event invitations

Looking to get your annual office Christmas party back on track after a missed opportunity last year? Make it special by sending out custom invites to all your guests. Something as simple as a postcard works perfectly for event invites, and you can make them extra special by adding artwork and a stylish coating – make it look so good that your guests will want to stick it on their fridge in anticipation of the big event.

2. Banners and signs

Are you attending an industry event in the lead-up to Christmas, or reopening your shopfront after months spent in lockdown? It’s the perfect time to get your brand in front of potential new customers, as the holiday period is expected to see retail spending soar to a whopping $58 billion.

Setting yourself apart isn’t always easy – although we’ve got plenty of helpful tips for attracting customers at an event or expo. You can make your stall or retail shop more eye-catching with dramatic pull-up banner printing to direct customers your way and inform them about what makes your business so special.

3. Name badges and lanyards

Whether it’s for an event, office party or you’re simply adding more seasonal staff to your business, it’s fun to order some holiday-themed name badges and lanyards for your team. It’s a way to personalise your employees and show them you care about the upcoming Christmas period. It’s also a way to set yourself apart from the competition – even the smallest distinction can leave a lasting impression with your customers.

4. Programs and menus

Hosting a Christmas dinner or putting on an event to drum up more business in the lead-up to the holidays? Then it’s time to get your print orders in now so you’re not left empty-handed when the inevitable December rush begins.

Flyers have various applications – from mailouts to event invites to menus for your Christmas dinner. You might even want to print out booklets to send to your existing customer base. Use it to showcase any upcoming holiday sales you have to drive more foot traffic – and hopefully greater profits – before Christmas arrives.

Need to stock up on print products before the holiday season gets too crazy? Citywide Print provides a wide variety of printed solutions and can turn around orders fast. Request a quick quote today.