We are well and truly into 2022 but many businesses are still dealing with the holiday hangover. If you haven’t really gotten into the swing of things yet, don’t beat yourself up! But do use this opportunity to take stock and make a plan for what you want to achieve this year. To help get you started, here are some ideas.

Don’t let the challenges of last year stop you from achieving in 2022

There’s no getting away from the fact that 2021 – like the year before it – was extremely tough for the vast majority of people. Businesses across retail and hospitality were heavily impacted, with lockdowns and surging COVID case numbers forcing owners to shut their doors for weeks, even months at a time.

But as challenging as the past few years have been, 2022 is a new chance to set your ambitions high. Here are three ideas for making business better this year.

1. Plan out your promotions for the year

There really is no better way to catch the eye of a new customer than with a special offer. It’s human nature to love a good deal, so use the start of the year as a time to plan out your promotions for the next 12 months. The usual suspects are always good – Valentine’s Day, Easter, Black Friday, Christmas and New Year’s – but there doesn’t necessarily have to be a reason for you to put on a promotion. For example, a café owner might offer two-for-one bakery items on weekday afternoons, which are typically quiet periods, in order to drum up more business. Make it special for the consumer and people will come.

Once your promos are locked in, get the word out to existing and potential customers through social media posts, direct emails, and eye-catching printed posters in your physical store or office.

2. Find new ways to improve cash flow

Like so many business owners across Australia, do you struggle with the financial challenges of seasonality? One month you are flying high and the next it feels like all your orders have disappeared. This can put you in a stressful situation, especially as there are always suppliers to pay and bills to take care of.

If recent years have been unkind due to seasonal fluctuations, make an effort to improve your cash flow with new strategies. Consider offer a minor discount for clients who pay invoices early. Or set out longer payment terms for your suppliers so you aren’t left with a stack of bills during seasonal lows. It’s as easy as starting a conversation – and if they end up saying yes, it can be a huge weight off your shoulders.

3. Market yourself to new audiences with the right products

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that businesses need to promote themselves across a variety of mediums. Social media, paid advertising, emails and newsletters can all guide potential customers towards your business. But the value of physical advertising is still incredibly high.

Did you know that physical ads are more effective than digital ads at leaving a lasting impression in consumers, regardless of age? If you’ve been neglecting these types of promotions in favour of online ads, make 2022 the year to try something new. You could potentially tap into a lucrative new audience with something as simple as a branded poster, a letterbox drop of flyers, or even a pull-up banner at your next event or expo.

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