After the perpetual disruption of the past two years, hospitality businesses are finally open again – and customers want nothing more than for life to get back to normal. That means now is the time to take advantage of an influx of willing customers by attracting them to your venue. Here, we look at four simple ways to boost your hospitality business post-COVID.

Take advantage of the boom

It’s been a rough couple of years for the hospitality sector, but thankfully with the lifting of lockdowns we are already seeing a sharp turnaround. Cafés and restaurants are welcoming back customers in droves, and even hotels and other destination venues are expected to return to pre-COVID levels by the end of 2022, mostly due to a surge in local tourism.

If you’re ready to strike while the iron is hot, make sure you get your hospitality business into the eyes of consumers with the right print products.

1. Change up your menu

The world has changed significantly since the pandemic struck, and that means consumer behaviours have changed as well. Smart business owners are recognising this and adjusting their offering to match the new needs of their clientele.

Did you know that almost two-thirds of venues are expecting to change or expand their menus in 2022? Because there’s such a massive consumer appetite for hospitality right now, competition to get people into your doors is at record levels. If changing up your menu sounds like an easy way to create a point-of-difference, ensure you get a high-quality print job with a fast turnaround.

You can even make your new menu stand out by printing it on a large-format sticker and placing it at eye level for passers-by to browse.

2. Get physical with a postal drop

Even though most of the world has turned to digital, physical advertising is still very powerful. In fact, with a physical campaign that you hand-deliver to potential customers, you can stay top of mind instead of being instantly forgotten as soon as they scroll away from your online ad.

Flyers and postcards are light and portable so you can easily slip them into letterboxes around your local area. You can also keep a pile of them on your counter for existing customers to take with them – encouraging repeat business.

Not sure what to include on your promotional material? Depending on your hospitality business, it could be everything from a new seasonal menu to a special upcoming sale. Make sure you include a minor discount if they bring the physical ad with them, as this will help you measure its marketing success.

3. Start a VIP club

Encouraging repeat business is critical when competition between hospitality venues is so high. You not only want to build up a backlog of regulars, but also entice new customers into your business. With a savvy marketing strategy, you can go even further and create brand ambassadors too.

Printing out business cards to use as VIP tokens is a great way to stay fresh in the minds of your customers and get them to return time and time again. It could be something as small as 10% off their order after their 10th visit. The decision is yours!

4. Guide foot traffic to your door

Particularly in busy restaurant areas where everyone is fighting tooth and nail to get customers inside, having a unique point of difference can end up guiding people to your business instead of your competitor’s.

Consider using printed signage on buildings and light poles in your area that literally ‘guide’ customers towards your venue. It’s cheap, effective and helps set your business apart.

With the country open again, it’s important to hit the ground running with your hospitality signage and advertising. Citywide Print has a wide selection of print solutions that can be made to order and turned around at record pace, so request a quick quote today.