Seasonality can be a challenge for every small business owner, with peaks and troughs potentially leading to cash-flow woes. But the seasons can also be a helpful way to drive up sales – if you know how to leverage the events. Easter may not seem like a prime time to generate more purchases, especially compared to Black Friday and Christmas events, but just a few smart marketing moves could see you increase profits over this seasonal period.

Easter as a marketing tool

Because Easter isn’t a traditional sales holiday, you don’t need to spend big on new marketing strategies. Not everyone will focus on Easter-themed advertising, so the space isn’t overly crowded. Instead, a few minor tweaks can help capture your audience’s attention and drive them to purchase.

In the online world, you can tweak your marketing to include Easter imagery and potentially attract more buyers in the lead-up to this holiday period. Use Easter-themed icons and language in your email marketing – and don’t forget the power of a good subject line.

Also use your social media platforms to engage with your followers over Easter. You could even think about purchasing online ads to boost the number of eyes on your brand during this time. If you want to go all-out, think about redesigning your business website’s landing page to be Easter themed, including special sales that are time-sensitive for the holiday period.

Get ‘physical’ with Easter-themed collateral

We all know the power of digital marketing, but research shows that it’s just as important – if not more critical – to invest some of your marketing spend into physical collateral. There is still great value that can be gained through posters, flyers, mail-outs and even business cards. So with Easter just around the corner, why not print some seasonal-themed advertising to give to potential customers?

Physical marketing has been shown to be more successful than digital advertising when it comes to exposure, memory and action. That means people will be more likely to respond to your marketing, remember it, and then take an action (e.g. purchase a product/service) if they see a physical ad over a digital one. If you are putting all your money into purely online marketing, you are missing out on a huge segment of potential customers.

Attend expos and conferences

Beyond your existing strategies for reaching customers in the physical and digital worlds, you might consider finding local expos and conferences that are happening over the Easter period. These events can be incredibly powerful in two ways – one, they will help you connect with like-minded business owners and broaden your network; and two, they can expose your brand to a wider audience pool, which will hopefully have the knock-on effect of boosting sales.

Check out your local exhibition centres, especially if you live in Sydney or another capital city around Australia, to see what events they are hosting in the coming weeks. If there are industry expos being held, consider purchasing a stall for the event  – just make sure you have all your physical printed materials taken care of. You could also sign up to conferences to expand your business knowledge and get tips and tricks from other successful business owners.

With the right marketing strategy, Easter can be just as powerful as other sales events like Black Friday and the lead-up to Christmas. Make sure you are prepared with plenty of Easter-centric marketing tools to drive up your seasonal purchases.

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